Garnet - meaning, history, style and care tips - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry Garnet - meaning, history, style and care tips - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry

Garnet - meaning, history, style and care tips

Garnet - meaning, history, style and care tips - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry Garnet - meaning, history, style and care tips - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry
Welcome to the Irit Sorokin Design blog! In this space you can look forward to learning about my jewelry making process, my inspirations and some of the materials I use in my handmade jewelry, created in Vancouver, Canada. I often use natural gems and metals in my work and love sharing about the meaning of those gems and the individual journey that goes into each handmade piece of jewelry. 

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About Garnet

The name “garnet” comes from “gernet”, the Middle English word for dark red. The name may also come from the Latin “granatus” from which the word pomegranate also originates.

Physical  While famously known for their deep red colour, garnets do come in a range of other colours, from black to green to orange, and even the most rare blue garnet. In fact, they are one of the most diverse groups of gemstones. The chemical composition of each individual stone determines its particular hue. Garnet is most commonly found in metamorphic rock. 

Healing/Meaning Because of its fiery colour, garnet is believed to incite passion, making it a very symbolic stone to give to a partner or lover. Garnets capture an inner fire. The blood red stone also signifies radiating warmth and circulation, getting the blood flowing and the heart pumping. This is why garnet is believed to help flush toxins from the body. The warming glow of garnet can be comforting as well as grounding; it is said to connect to the root chakra. Garnets are also believed to offer protection and were used as talismans by travellers. 

History and Fame of Garnet

Well loved in Ancient Egypt and Rome, garnets were the most popular gemstone of the Late Roman world. At the time, the style was to inlay the garnet in gold settings which was known as “Garnet Cloisonné”. 

The Anglo-Saxon cemetery site, Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, England, has been the source of numerous, intricate “Garnet Cloisonné” pieces that are now displayed by the British Museum. The collection contains not just jewelry pieces but also highly decorative accessories such as belts, buckles, shoulder clasps, as well as purse-lids, the tops of leather coin pouches.

The contrast of the red of the garnet with the gold is particularly stunning, and the details of the pieces are impressively intricate. With exceptional technical skill, the goldsmith who created these pieces even depicted interlocking birds, wolves, and wild boars. 

Style Tips for Garnet

The colour range of garnet stones allow them to have versatile styling potential. 

No matter the shade, they all contain an inner glow of fire, which makes them the perfect stone for a gold setting. Their warmth can add a needed glow to a fall or winter ensemble, or can play off of the heat of the sun in the spring and summer. 

Care and Cleaning for Garnet

In terms of care, garnets are strong stones but they can still be chipped or scratched. A simple cleaning with warm soapy water is safest for all garnets. An ultrasonic cleaner is usually safe unless the garnet has a fracture. Steam cleaning should be avoided. 

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