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Irit Sorokin Designs Blog

Learn more about the gems and stones that I work with, see behind the scenes in my studio, and catch up on jewlery trends and care tips.

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I'm always hard at work behind the scenes creating and adding new inventory to the online store.

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One of a kind, one of a few

Designer Irit Sorokin begins the design process by juxtaposing semi-precious stones, pendants, metals and findings. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that is both contemporary and timeless.

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Jewelry for the contemporary woman

Each piece by Irit Sorokin Designs is uniquely handcrafted through an intuitive process. With each creation, a balance of elegance, adventure and edge evolves, reflective of Irit Sorokin’s refined and unique character and perspective.

Globally inspired, locally handcrafted, thoughtfully curated.

Taking inspiration from global fashion, art, architecture, history and design, Irit Sorokin’s designs are created with the finest gemstones and materials. Each individual piece is specially handcrafted in Vancouver, and never mass-produced.