Jewelry Trends For 2023

It's is going to be a fun year for fashion and jewelry trends! There is a lot of nostalgia, playfulness and natural elements at the base of the inspiration for 2023 styles. 

Retro/Y2K Inspired Jewelry

A hot trend in jewelry for 2023 is all about colour and nostalgia! Candy-coloured, retro pieces that bring back memories of Y2K and the use of beads are going to be very popular in 2023. Moschino and Dior both featured bright and playful colour palettes on their Spring/Summer runaways, and both labels featured matching jewelry pieces.


 You can find youthful and bright pieces throughout my collection, here are just a few pieces that will bring joy and flair to any look. 



Long Statement Earrings

The dangly, chandelier style statement earring is another jewelry style on trend for 2023. Dramatic and eye-catching, a gracefully long pair of earrings can compliment any look or style. Especially in warmer weather, when we’re wearing less layers, a pair of statement earrings can dress up even a simple sundress. Giambattista Valli adorned his Spring/Summer runway models with strikingly bold statement earrings. 


Long and flowing dangle earrings are a common design in my studio. I create elegant earring from many different types of materials, including gems, pearls and metals. 



Chunky Gold Jewelry

Chunky gold anything is very much on trend for 2023! Whether a golden necklace or a bracelet, the chunkier the better. Gold chain necklaces or bracelets can also be layered together, a look that was sported by the models on Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2023 runways. Chunky gold pieces can add texture as well as warmth to your outfit. 


Chunky gold is a reoccurring style in my statement jewelry, I just love the textures and the way that light plays with big chunky pieces of gold. A simple piece can add so much style to an outfit, it's eye-catching and statement-making at the same time. 



Natural Stones Jewelry

Another trend in jewelry for 2023 is the use of natural stones, in particular for big statement pieces. The rough cut of these stones makes them the perfect pairing for natural fabrics. On the Spring/Summer 2023 runway at Chloe, natural stone jewelry pieces were featured to compliment layered and flowy looks. Necklaces can feature large rough-textured stone, but the same stones can also be featured in dramatic rings. A cuff is another unique and flattering way of wearing natural gemstones!

Big statement jewelry made with stones and gems are some of my most popular pieces, each one a unique piece of wearable art. Gems and stones provide texture, colour and shape to each eye-catching piece. Every gem has non-physical properties as well that can be used to choose the perfect piece based on birthstone or intention. You can read more about these meanings on the Gems and Stones Page.


Jewelry with Pearls 

Pearls are going to be another popular jewelry trend for 2023, although given their timelessness, it’s hard to say pearls are ever out of style. Pearls were featured by Prabal Gurung and Chanel in their Spring/Summer 2023 collections. With such a classic connotation, pearls can add a traditional touch, or be used to add playful contrast to a more unconventional look. 


I work with all shapes and sizes of beautiful natural pearls, including Freshwater pearls, Mother of pearls and Baroque pearls, each with their own unique properties that make them special. 


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