Amethyst - meaning, history, style and care tips Amethyst - meaning, history, style and care tips

Amethyst - meaning, history, style and care tips

Amethyst - meaning, history, style and care tips Amethyst - meaning, history, style and care tips
Welcome to the Irit Sorokin Design blog! In this space you can look forward to learning about my jewelry making process, my inspirations and some of the materials I use in my handmade jewelry, created in Vancouver, Canada. I often use natural gems and metals in my work and love sharing about the meaning of those gems and the individual journey that goes into each handmade piece of jewelry. 

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About Amethyst: 

The birthstone of February is amethyst. The name “amethyst” comes from the Greek “methysko” which means intoxication but the addition of the “a” means not; therefore, amethyst literally translates to “not drunk” because it was believed that an amethyst would keep one from getting intoxicated. Wine goblets were even carved from amethyst in Ancient Greece. 

Physical: Amethyst is a kind of quartz known for its stunning violet colour. Irradiation is what causes the recognizable violet colour due to the presence of iron and other trace metals. 

Meaning: The Greeks believed that amethyst would prevent intoxication, and medieval soldiers also believed that amethyst had sobering powers. The soldiers would wear amethyst amulets to protect them in battle and keep them level-headed.

Still today it is believed that amethyst has soothing, tranquilizing properties. It can clear the mind, helping to focus on tasks at hand, or aid with insomnia. 

History and Fame

One particularly famous piece of amethyst jewelry was owned by Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor. She was an American socialite who married Edward VIII of England.

Her divorced status caused a scandal and Edward abdicated the throne rather than end his relationship with Simpson. Her stunning amethyst and turquoise necklace was designed and made for her by Cartier in 1947. 

Style Tips

While always some shade of purple, there is a range of tones found in amethysts which allows the wearer to choose how bold they would like to be. A more subtle, pale lavender stone could add a touch of colour, while a deeper merlot stone could be stunning in a gold setting.

Amethyst stones can also be polished or left natural, be used as a single big piece, or as beads, which offers more range for the wearer. 

Care and Cleaning

The best and safest way to clean your amethyst is with warm soapy water. Amethyst is sensitive to overexposure to light and it can fade, so prolonged exposure should be avoided. Ultrasonic cleaning is usually safe unless the stone has been somehow treated. 

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