Winter Guide for Jewelry - Style, Care, and Trends Winter Guide for Jewelry - Style, Care, and Trends

Winter Guide for Jewelry - Style, Care, and Trends

Winter Guide for Jewelry - Style, Care, and Trends Winter Guide for Jewelry - Style, Care, and Trends

The winter holiday season offers a great opportunity to add festive sparkle to your style with jewelry. While styling adjustments do need to be made for winter jewelry, layering jewelry pieces with your clothing can add texture as well as shimmer and shine.

A single bracelet, or a trendy stack of bracelets, can be easily displayed over a long sleeve, and a combination of longer necklaces can add to the graphic effect created by layering an open sweater or jacket. Longer earrings can cascade over a cozy scarf, while smaller more delicate earrings can add eye-catching sparkle when they peek out from under a warm hat. 

How to Style Jewelry for Winter

A wide range of jewelry can be styled for winter, not just by incorporating different pieces into your cozier winter fashion. Silver jewelry pieces which can be cooling and beachy in the summer, can instead bring the wintery shimmer of frost or ice. Gold jewelry, which when worn in the summer is reminiscent of the sultry sun, can instead feel cozy in the winter, shining with the glow of a warm fire.

Bright colors can be refreshing during the drab winter months, and at the same time, a neutral sparkle from a diamond can glint like Christmas lights. You can also literally bring summer with you into the cold winter months by donning floral-inspired jewelry which will bloom year round. 

Jewelry Trends for Winter 2023

Fashion trends for Winter 2023 are big and bold, and the trends in jewelry are no different. Brightly coloured enameled pieces bring a pop of candy color that will lighten any gray and dreary winter day. 

Bigger, chunkier gold pieces are also very popular for Winter 2023. The bracelet in particular has grown in proportion which is also related to the new interest in cuffs. To replicate this trend, you can also stack more narrow bracelets to create a visual impact. 

The chunky jewelry trend also extends to ring design, with rings swelling to attention grabbing sizes, whether they be bold silver and gold pieces or clusters of beaded colors. Chunky, abstract shapes have been trending in jewelry for Winter 2023 and can be seen in ring, earring, bracelet, choker, and cuff design. 

Pearls are also very popular for Winter 2023. Although sometimes more associated with spring and Easter, winter pearls add an opalescent shine to any ensemble. Pearl jewelry can be a delicate and subtle accessory, or layered to look like shimmering perfect spheres of snow.Plus, pearls have a classic timelessness that compliments the nostalgia of the holiday season. 

Winter Cleaning and Care for Jewelry

One thing to be mindful of when wearing jewelry over or amongst those extra winter layers, is to always remove your jewelry first when undressing. You will also want to be careful when removing outer layers like gloves or scarves, as jewelry can get tangled or even fall off and be lost.

The cold weather may also be damaging to jewelry, but it depends how cold the temperatures actually get. Prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures can damage jewelry, in particular opals, emeralds, and moonstones. These sensitive gemstones can even be damaged by the temperature shift when you move from very cold outdoor to warmer indoor temperatures. 

If you will just be outside for a short while, put gloves on to protect your rings, or tuck your earrings under a hat. Or else, just opt to not wear your jewelry in very cold weather. 

If you are putting away any vulnerable pieces for the season, give them a quick clean first with warm water, soap, and a soft cloth. 

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