Citrine - meaning, history, style and care tips - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry Citrine - meaning, history, style and care tips - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry

Citrine - meaning, history, style and care tips

Citrine - meaning, history, style and care tips - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry Citrine - meaning, history, style and care tips - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry

Welcome to the Irit Sorokin Design blog! In this space you can look forward to learning about my jewelry making process, my inspirations and some of the materials I use in my handmade jewelry, created in Vancouver, Canada.

I often use natural gems and metals in my work and love sharing about the meaning of those gems and the individual journey that goes into each handmade piece of jewelry. 

About Citrine

The name “citrine” comes from the Latin word “citrina” which means yellow but also shares a common root with the word “citrus”. This gemstone ranges from its signature lemon yellow to more orange or brown amber tones.

The citrine gemstone is actually a variety of quartz and is sometimes referred to as “yellow quartz.” This sunny stone is traditionally given as a gift to commemorate the thirteenth wedding anniversary, and it is the second birthstone of the month of November.  

Physical Properties The range of yellow hues present in citrine gemstones is due to the natural presence of colloidal ferric hydroxide. Although frequently confused with yellow topaz because of their similar color, citrine is not as hard as topaz on the Mohn scale.

Citrine is usually known for its clarity, however, some heat treated citrines can display fine threads or veining which create a slight opaque or smokey quality.  

Meaning of Citrine The at once warm and bright citrine has a number of likewise positive and bright meanings. It is believed that citrine gemstones can diffuse negative energy, even absorbing feelings of anger or aggression.

Citrine is said to bring a sense of calm to the wearer, dissipating anxieties and soothing the temper. Citrine is also a stone of manifestation and it is believed that it will bring good fortune, especially in terms of finances. In some cultures, citrine is even referred to as “the money stone” because of its believed power to bring prosperity. 


Citrine In History

Queen Victoria was notoriously enamored with citrine, and used it to decorate Balmoral Castle, her summer residence in Scotland. Scotland was then, and is still now, well known for its citrine. In fact, citrine was utilized by the Scots as early as the 1700’s when they adorned the handles of their daggers and swords with citrine.

The Ancient Greeks also used citrine for decorative purposes, carving amulets or figurines out of the glowing, golden yellow stones. As a member of the quartz family, citrine can be included as one of the most commonly used gemstones in jewelry since the beginning of Western civilization. 


Style Tips for Citrine

Today jewelry designers use citrine gemstones in their designs to showcase their vibrant yellow color. Depending on the tone of yellow, a citrine gemstone can feature as a blazing sun or as a glowing autumnal fire in any setting.

Some modern citrine is actually heat treated amethyst and the combination of the lavender purple of amethyst and the warm yellow of its sister stone, citrine, work beautifully in bracelet settings and rings settings with clustered stones. 


Care and Cleaning tips for Citrine

Citrine is quite a hard gemstone on the Mohn scale, rating a 7, so it is well suited for everyday wear. Care should be taken in storing your citrine jewelry as it could potentially scratch or otherwise harm softer jewelry pieces that may be more vulnerable to damage.

Citrine jewelry can be cleaned at home using a mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge. It is also usually safe to use ultrasonic cleaning with citrine, although steam cleaning is not recommended as it could cause cracking. 

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