Fall Guide for Jewelry - Style, Trends, and Care - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry Fall Guide for Jewelry - Style, Trends, and Care - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry

Fall Guide for Jewelry - Style, Trends, and Care

Fall Guide for Jewelry - Style, Trends, and Care - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry Fall Guide for Jewelry - Style, Trends, and Care - Irit Sorokin Designs Jewelry

The change of seasons always presents a great opportunity to shake up your personal jewelry style. Fall fashion also dictates changes in jewelry choices, considering the added layers of sweaters, long sleeves, turtlenecks and scarves. 

Wearing stones with warmer, autumnal tones or gold jewelry can align your personal color palette with the ambers, oranges, and yellows of the falling leaves. Choosing jewelry sized on a more grand scale is another way of shifting your accessory style from summer to fall. 

How to Style Jewelry for Fall 

As a general rule for styling fall jewelry, bigger is better. A longer necklace is easier to layer over fall fashions, a chunky bracelet can be worn over a long sleeve, and the bigger the hoop earrings, the more they will stand out against a bulky scarf. 

Layering clothing is not only fashionable for fall but also more necessary as the temperature drops. Necklaces can be layered as well. When an open sweater or shawl is layered over a top, the neckline is framed. Layering necklaces over such a look adds texture and a polished finish, while making use of the focal point created by the fashion. 

Before the winter weather makes gloves necessary, the fall is an excellent time to incorporate rings into your jewelry styling. Stacking jewelry is a popular trend for fall 2022 and can be done with rings as well as bracelets.  

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

This fall, floral statement pieces are very hot. It seems poetic to adorn yourself with gold, silver, or jeweled blooms while natural flowers fade. Whether large or small, floral jewelry will never wilt. 

Another jewelry trend for fall 2022 follows the bigger is better rule. Exaggerated and oversized pieces are very popular this fall whether it be a chunky choker or earrings so huge they graze the shoulders. 

Longer seems to be almost as popular this fall as bigger, with fringed or beaded earrings falling to the chin, the shoulder, or even the collar bone. Long necklaces too can be further extended, creating an elongated line, with fringe or tassels. 

Thicker chain jewelry was popular for spring 2022 and that trend is continuing into the fall. Bracelets and necklaces with a more thick, open chain draw focus and showcase the metals themselves rather than utilizing them as settings for gemstones and jewels. This uniformity creates a graphic look while still making a bold statement. 

Fall Cleaning and Care for Jewelry 

Jewelry should be cleaned and checked for damage at least once a year but at most once a month. A happy medium is to clean your jewelry four times a year, when the seasons change. This is also a good timeline for cleaning your jewelry box, or whatever jewelry storage you use. 

Most jewelry can be easily cleaned at home with mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft cloth or toothbrush. Any seasonal jewelry, such as anklets or toe rings, can be cleaned and put away for the year. 

The change of seasons also offers a great time to evaluate your jewelry collection to decide if you want to embrace a new trend and add a new piece. 

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