Cute and Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas Cute and Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

Cute and Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

Cute and Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas Cute and Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

Your jewelry is more than just an accessory, they become a part of your personal style and self expression! Protect your investments and organize your jewelry station with intentional storage ideas that reflect your personal style and needs.



Cute and Vintage

It’s a piece of cake to display your bracelets using a cake stand, whether it be vintage, brand new, or homemade.

An easy how-to can be found on the Go Make Me blog, and the perk of making your own is that you can customize each layer.

If you prefer a more sleek aesthetic you could choose to use matching matte black plates or you could go the more traditional English Tea route with elegant floral china.



Minimal and Modern

For the minimalist, a modern and chic way of storing bracelets is by hanging them on homemade jewelry blocks.

This method can be used for bracelets as well as necklaces and even earrings. Style by Emily Henderson provides a step by step for on her blog.

The brass dowels she uses match the gold settings of jewelry and the wood blocks can be customized to any tone, dark or light. 



Simple Brass Beauty 

No matter the size, if left in a tangle, earrings can be damaged or even lost. This slick brass pyramid is a unique decor element that doubles as earring storage, and is also easy to make at home.

You can follow the instructions found on A Beautiful Mess to make your own. The tiers give different height options for storing shorter and longer earrings together. 


Picture Perfect 

Just as jewelry collections can range in size, so can the storage options. One earring storage method that can be used at any scale, great or small, is the picture frame earring holder.

House of Hawthornes provides a simple step by step for this unique and funky earring display that can be hung on the wall or placed on a dresser with other framed photographs. 



Rustic Wall Feature 

Ideally, jewelry storage embraces the beauty of the individual pieces and finds a way of putting them on display rather than hiding them away.

Necklaces in particular can be displayed in such a way as to utilize their beauty to create a stunning wall feature with graphic appeal.

This rustic farmhouse style necklace holder idea comes from the Frugal Homemaker blog, and the wood can be stained to any desired color. This type of storage is ideal as it keeps necklaces separated so there is no scratching or tangling. 


Simple Sleek Storage

A very simple way to store necklaces that has more visual impact than a simple nail in the wall is a decorative hook.

This is a customizable storage method, as you can choose whichever style of hook matches your decor and choose to place the hooks wherever you wish. 

You can find decorative hooks at your local thrift store, hardware store or even search on Etsy, which is where these Nordic Gold Leaf Wall Hooks by JackAccessories are from.



Display Cone 

A ring cone is one of the most beautiful and architectural ways of safely storing while also displaying rings.

Many diverse materials are used from wood to concrete to stone, providing a natural contrast for jewelry itself. Ring cones can be homemade or purchased from local artisans


Luxurious Velvet Box 

One of the best tips for how to store any jewelry is to be inspired by how jewelry stores themselves store their pieces.

Nothing feels more luxurious than storing your rings in a velvet lined box, but rather than investing in a jewelry box, you can make your own velvet lined ring box following the instructions provided by My Cakies.

What is so charming about this design is the choice of the box is up to you!



Decorative Dishes for anything!

For those who may not consider themselves handy, a super simple way to organize necklaces, and other pieces such as bracelets, is to use decorative dishware.

Depending on the dishes, the style can vary. An eclectic mix of vintage or thrifted pieces can be combined, or a uniform look can be created with a matching set of bowls or dishes. Liz at the Summery Umbrella shows how she used small bowls to organize her jewelry. 


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