Spring guide for jewelry - style, care and trends Spring guide for jewelry - style, care and trends

Spring guide for jewelry - style, care and trends

Spring guide for jewelry - style, care and trends Spring guide for jewelry - style, care and trends

As the blossoms open, and the weather warms, we can start to shed those winter layers and shift our style to meet the spring! Whether the season influences the color palette you choose, or the lighter clothing you wear, it is fun to express the freshness of spring through your jewelry choices. 

How to Style for Spring 

Once warm layers like that bulky scarf or winter coat are no longer needed, you can add texture to spring outfits by layering your jewelry instead.

Stacking bracelets, especially with the addition of a watch, is a cool spring trend made possible by those shorter sleeves. 

Layering necklaces is another jewelry styling trick for spring, adding glitz to even a simple ensemble, like a blazer and plain t-shirt.

Also, now that the tights and boots have been put away, a fun jewelry accessory like an anklet can be added to a spring outfit. Spring fashion is all about showing a little skin again, and using jewelry accessories to guide the eye! 

Trends for Spring 2022

Leaving behind the deep jewel tones of winter gems, jewelry trends for spring are embracing the neutral tones of natural gems. Raw or unpolished stones with a natural texture, like turquoise, are very popular for spring. However, bright candy-colors are also hot this season and can be seen in chunky and bold pieces that play into 90’s nostalgia.

If you like the chunky look but would prefer a less technicolor color palette, you’re in luck because chunky gold necklaces and bracelets are also on trend for spring 2022.

With warmer weather come shorter sleeves, but a bracelet isn’t the only jewelry piece you can wear to show off those bare arms. Short sleeves are also perfect for another hot jewelry trend: the arm cuff.

Whether natural, technicolor, or chunky and bold, there is a spring jewelry trend to suit any style this season! 

Spring Cleaning and Care for Jewelry

When it comes to spring cleaning, it is important to remember that your jewelry could probably use a little buff and shine as well! It is recommended that jewelry pieces be cleaned and inspected by a jeweler every six months, but you can also do a simple and gentle cleaning yourself with dish soap and water, using a soft toothbrush.

And while it is true that April showers bring May flowers, those rain showers might be damaging to certain gemstones. Jewelry with stones such as selenite, azurite, tangerine quartz, or opals should not be submerged in water, and likewise, may be damaged if worn in a spring rainstorm.